Brakes and Tires
for Botetourt County, VA

Pump the Brakes on Your New Tire Needs at Pillis Brothers Service Center

Get brakes and tires for Botetourt County, VA, from the experts at Pillis Brothers Service Center. Brakes and tires are two of the most important parts of your vehicle. That means giving them a lot more attention due to easier wear and tear. Not taking care of them can come with big consequences.

Take care of your brake and tire maintenance needs at our excellent repair shop. Our brake and tire specialists know a wide array of techniques to take care of these vital repairs. Trust our wide variety of top quality brands of brake parts and tires to keep you safe.

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Tire Maintenance and Replacement with the Most Popular Brands

Our tire specialists know there is no one-size-fits-all tire for everyone. They take the time to understand what tires work best with each type of vehicle. Our shop carries a superb selection of tires of various sizes. The major brands we have include Cooper Tires, Firestone, Goodyear, and Michelin in our shop.

Driving with bald tires, flat tires, deflated tires, or any other tire damage can mean big trouble. Rely on our customer-focused staff for friendly and timely service at a great price. Trust our knowledge to help you with repairs and replacement. That will help get you back on the road when you want. Contact us today for your tire needs.

Ready to Handle Your Brake Repairs and Replacement

Brake repairs come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Pills Brothers Service Center’s superb brake repair mechanics are ready to handle them all. Our shop helps with anti-lock brake system fixes, brake fluid flushes, hoses, pad, brake, shoe, and caliper replacement. We also provide excellent resurfacing for your rotors. That ensures that you get better control over your vehicle, no matter the condition.

If your brake pads go, your rotors will follow suit. Applying that pressure to your rotors will result in warping, cracking, and grinding. Replacing them can be more expensive than replacing a pad or any other part of your brakes. Make sure you have an excellent mechanic ready to take care of your brakes.

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