Auto Electrical Services and Tune Ups
for Christiansburg, VA

Keep Your Vehicle Powered Up at Pillis Brothers Service Center

Get quality auto electrical services and tune ups for Christiansburg, VA, from Pillis Brothers Service Center. Keeping your vehicle powered is critical for you to get around. That includes when you are heading to work or if you are heading to somewhere fun. Our cars need the power so we can get where we want or need to go.

Rely on our superior auto electrical services and tune ups for your engine. Our specialists look at a wide range of electrical and tune up needs. Let us fix up what parts might be broken or give them the kick they need.

Call us today for an appointment today at (540) 389-6741 to get your electrical systems and tune ups today.

Keeping Your Alternator and Starters Working Right

Your alternator and starters are crucial for keeping your engine going strong. They keep your vehicle running at a high level. Our superb mechanics are ready to make sure these jobs are done the right way. Each of them has unique needs that require special attention. Failing to take care of your alternator or starter can result in serious engine failure for your car.

Our trusted repair workers know the best practices and techniques for taking care of these repairs. That gives you the peace of mind knowing the repair was done right the first time. Give your car the most complete attention possible when trouble strikes. Reach out to our shop today.

Getting Your Car Prepared for Any Weather All Year Long

Winter brings harsh cold conditions while the summer can bring both the heat and humidity. Each of these seasons requires different needs when preparing for the weather season ahead. Let us take care of your fuel, oil, cooling systems, windshield, heaters, battery, lights, exhaust, and tires. Your emergency gear should also receive extra attention in the process.

Our tune up experts are ready to inspect and change these parts as needed. That gives you a chance to spend more time on the road while spending less time in the garage. Summer and winter bring their own unique weather challenges. Do not allow the blizzard or rain storm to stop you from making your way to your next destination.

Trust Pillis Brothers Service Center
for auto electrical services and tune ups for Christiansburg, VA.