Engine Repair
in Salem, VA

Rev Up Your Engines with Pillis Brothers Service Center

When you need engine repair in Salem, VA, choose the experts at Pillis Brothers Service Center. Your engine powers your vehicle. It is what allows you to get wherever you need to go. Lack of efficiency may mean that you could have larger problems over the long run.

Our shop provides our customers with an excellent variety of engine maintenance work. Our engine specialists can handle everything from replenishing fluids to replacing parts. They know how to keep your engine running its best.

Call us today at (540) 389-6741 for an appointment to take care of your engine.

Replacing the Parts You Need for Your Engine’s Best Performance

Everything from filters and belts to wires, cables, and spark plugs eventually wear out. You will need replacements from time to time as you get more use out of your engine. When that time comes, bring it to our shop so you get the right parts to keep traveling.

Our qualified technicians know the proper tools and techniques to keep your engine in its best condition. They use great attention to detail and precision to install these new parts. This prevents interference with key functions in your vehicle’s engine.

Helping You Fill Up on Crucial Fluids for Your Engine’s Inside

Not only do engines need to be taken care of structurally, but they also need crucial fluids. Oil changes, fuel injector cleanings, and engine cleanings are pivotal for engine performance. These fluids and cleanings are important for keeping your engine clean and preventing overheating.

Pillis Brothers Service Center is stocked to keep your car running smoothly. Our engine care professionals know which fluids work best with your engine. This helps you to maximize the lifespan of your engine, while saving money and stress. Contact us when your “check engine” light turns on.

Count on Pillis Brothers Service Center
when you want excellent engine repair in Salem, VA.